Top 10 Cybersecurity Solution Providers for Capital Markets - 2017- Companies
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Top 10 Cybersecurity Solution Providers for Capital Markets - 2017

The stupendous amount of sensitive data generated by capital markets firms has made them increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that break into the firm's data environment can wreak havoc on business prospects. While entities in capital markets have accorded top priority to secure their data by periodically upgrading to the latest firewall technologies besides following stringent regulatory standards, it is true that cyber criminals have come up with advanced methodologies to breach them. With rising digitalization in the capital markets arena, building a digital fortress to secure assets is now imperative.

Experts in data security identify the need for putting in place a robust multi-tiered web security as part of the well rounded cyber resilience strategy. The Next Generation Firewalls that come with Deep Packet Inspection features have been a great deal in tackling APTs. Advanced Threat Analytics, which provides organizations with real-time insights into cyber attacks, is witnessing fast adoption. Also, email security is widely implemented to secure the integrity of business information. All these factors have spurred intense competition in the cybersecurity solutions market. This has certainly caught the attention of the CIOs who are constantly on the lookout for effective solutions to strengthen their security posture.

In order to help the CIOs find the right provider for cybersecurity solutions, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, Analysts and the Capital Markets CIO Outlook editorial board, has reviewed companies with a proven record of expertise in assisting organizations in the capital markets arena with inventive security solutions. The panel has weighed the robustness and reliability of the solutions in cataloging the finalists. In this edition of Capital Markets CIO Outlook, we present to you the Top 10 Cybersecurity Solution Providers for Capital Markets—2017.

  • Top Cybersecurity Technology Companies

  • Managed multi-layer security for cloud environments to ensure proactive threat detection, response, and remediation

  • Offers a single platform that blends innovative security technologies and nation-state grade threat intelligence

  • Offers truly integrated, high-performance security across the IT infrastructure

  • Provides information security, network security, advanced data protection, forensics and remote access VPN for end-to-end protection

  • Enables organizations to mitigate data breaches by rapidly identifying threat behaviors

  • Provides the ThreatMetrix® Digital Identity Network that enables dynamic authentication for every new account registration, login and payment

  • Products to protect from zero-day threats using a patented technology that sanitizes content files

  • CrowdStrike


    Provides cloud-based next-generation endpoint protection

  • Entrust


    Provides holistic security solutions for authentication, mobile, and email to secure financial institutions and critical infrastructure

  • Verint Systems [NASDAQ: VRNT]

    Verint Systems [NASDAQ: VRNT]

    Provides Verint Threat Protection System that detects breaches across the attack chain and automates incident investigation