Armor: Multi-directional Cybersecurity

Armor: Multi-directional Cybersecurity

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The paradigm shift toward the cloud has been one that most enterprises are going through at varying levels of adoption. Essentially posing a horde of unique challenges, an organization’s cloud infrastructure has to be protected from a myriad of threat vectors. To fill this niche, Armor provides top-level security, exclusively for cloud environments. “A lot of security companies try to be everything to everyone. At the end of the day, the cloud is where the threat actors primarily target; and this is precisely where we focus on,” states Jeff Schilling, CSO of Armor.

Armor’s highly secure cloud security portfolio encompasses Armor Complete and Armor Anywhere. Schilling says that for customers who wish to go all the way into securing their cloud storage, Armor Complete is their dedicated private secure cloud, located in five data centers around the world hosting data pertaining to approximately 1250-1300 customers from 45 different countries. Most of them have high-security needs driven by regulatory requirements such as payment card industry (PCI) standards or they are customers that need to manage healthcare records.

In an effort to respond to requests from companies that require the security and capability of Armor Complete, but in the public cloud or their own enterprise server system, the company unleashed its Armor Anywhere product. Customers who choose Armor Anywhere need medium security, meaning they have important data in the public cloud that if compromised would do some damage, but not pose an existential threat. “They are looking for an extra level of security and are usually satisfied with minimal protection as opposed to our Armor Complete customers,” Schilling explains.

Between these two products, Armor is able to pull all the data and telemetry back into their operations center and essentially provide multi-cloud security.

The cloud is where the threat actors primarily target; and this is precisely where we focus on

“For enterprise data that resides in our cloud, we also provide Azure and AWS capabilities for spinning up virtual machines as well as enable horizontal scaling, so they can implement infrastructure-as-a-service management.”

Armor Complete provides customers with a window to oversee the entire process. “In the last couple of years, we have seen a shift where customers are getting more sophisticated and really want to see our math homework,” Schilling remarks. Meanwhile, clients using Armor Anywhere tend to just want to know the issues so they can fix them. “Providing the data in a ticket allows them to be proactive during the containment and recovery,” he adds.

In order to provide complete security coverage for any cloud environment, Schilling notes that there are shared responsibilities, including compliance. “Inside our private cloud, we take care of a great majority of compliance at the application level. But in an in-house cloud, it really becomes a third-party agreement between the hosting provider, the client, and Armor.”

The company not only protects its clients from north to south—meaning from the internet to the server—but also from east to west. To provide clarity, Schilling adds, “This means we can also pick up threat activity between servers, which is very unique in the marketplace.”

In the near future, Schilling sees an explosion of demand for Armor Anywhere as more medium threat companies move to the cloud and need their services. In the longer term, Armor plans to provide all companies with the same high level of protection. “Armor Anywhere is getting closer in parity to the level of security we can provide inside our cloud. Eventually we will be supporting high security capabilities for public clouds as well, especially to help those customers address compliance.”

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Jeff Schilling, CSO

Managed multi-layer security for cloud environments to ensure proactive threat detection, response, and remediation