MobentIT: The Retail Security Specialist

MobentIT: The Retail Security Specialist

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The ambiance of a modern retail store is set to floor the customers the moment they walk in. However, behind the numerous aisles filled with gleaming merchandise lies a herculean effort of maintaining this facade. With the growth of online retail, every store is struggling to maintain their profit margin, and they can no longer risk a dip in their inventory. Meanwhile, it is surprising to note that the inventory loss incurred by the U.S. retailers from employee theft, vendor fraud, and administration errors accounted to a whopping $49.60 billion last year. In this scenario, maintaining the security of store assets, employees, and store visitors is paramount for the retailers. This is where MobentIT—a pioneer in retail security—places its biggest bet.

MobentIT has formulated a catalog of efficient security solutions at a competitive price point that helps clients to fortify their stores. For instance, their innovative solution for monitoring and controlling activities in stores can prevent unauthorized access to materials, valuable equipment, and private data. Routine surveillance keeps a tab on inappropriate behavior within the premises—an important requirement for large stores, where manual surveillance is practically impossible.

Redefining retail security through innovation is the mantra MobentIT lives by

MobentIT's integrated solution also unifies video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition. With an intuitive one-click access to information, the solution’s video analytics component cuts down on the investigation time for the retailers as it provides exception reports immediately. This plays a crucial role in managing crowd control during events and facilitating criminal investigations from video archives among others. The company’s unified loss prevention links the data from POS, access control, electronic article surveillance, and RFID with video to provide a comprehensive insight.

Furthermore, MobentIT offers innovative measures to counter the different levels of threat. Automatic initiation of facility lockdown is one of them aimed at countering elevated threat levels that stem from vulnerabilities in the store software that can put the entire store data at risk.

Although a recent entrant in the retail security arena, the innovative solutions have helped MobentIT prove its mettle time and again, and carve success stories with every client engagement. The company maintains a global footprint with clientele that span supermarket chains, IT offices, pharma companies and more.

The future of MobentIT looks bright as the company continues its focus on keeping their solutions one step above the evolving treat landscape in retail. With global expansion on the cards, MobentIT is looking forward to carving a niche in the emerging markets. “Redefining retail security through innovation is the mantra MobentIT lives by”, concludes Jessica Kelly, CEO.

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