Votiro: A Revolutionary Cybersecurity Approach

Votiro: A Revolutionary Cybersecurity Approach

CIO VendorItay Glick, Co-founder & CEO
As an experienced player in cybersecurity, Votiro’s goal is to provide products that safeguard against undisclosed and zero-day exploits. Using their patented Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, Votiro applies an active cleansing process to all incoming files and email messages. This automatic process neutralizes undisclosed exploits without having to detect signatures.

Based in Israel, the company was founded in 2010 by a team of senior security experts with extensive experience in the public and private sectors of intelligence gathering and security organizations. They began working with companies to identify weak points in their cybersecurity systems and quickly found that there was little or virtually no protection against undisclosed and zero-day exploits. This is a problem in the cybersecurity realm because these threats lack signatures, making them extremely difficult to detect.

To protect clients from unidentifiable threats, Votiro developed and patented Advanced CDR technology. This is a proactive, signature-less technology that targets the most commonly exploited file formats. With its neutralization technology, documents are dissected to basic objects, which are validated, leading to the creation of a new version of the same file, which is safe to use. Itay Glick, co-founder and CEO, Votiro, explains, “While technologies such as antivirus use a signature to detect malicious files, we process the file and create a sanitized version of the same. So our solutions don’t need a signature to protect from malicious zero-day threats.”

Votiro has three distinct product offerings: Email Content-Disarming Gateway, Removable-Media Gateway, and File-Transfer Gateway. These offerings apply Advanced CDR technology to sanitize threats and automatically screen data before reaching an organization's network.

The most secure product protecting organizations from zero-day threats. No signature required

“We cover different vectors of attack. Our products help companies safeguard email messages and protect their local systems against breaches. We even offer an API that enables developers to easily integrate Votiro’s innovative security technology into their applications,” states Glick.

Votiro’s Incident Manager enables users to control the scanning and sanitization process. This provides visibility to blocked files along with detailed logs. In the event of a sanitized file becoming corrupted, a user can restore the original file, preventing issues of data loss and allowing users to approve or reject neutralizations of threats.

Votiro’s customers enjoy world-class support. Each support package is tailored to the enterprise’s specific security and workflow requirements. Its support service is provided directly by Votiro or through one of their authorized partners who have undergone Votiro training.

As a rapidly expanding company, Votiro grew from 13 employees last year to 25. They expect to double in size again this year. With the increase in cyber threats, Votiro views their technology as a supplement or replacement to sandbox security mechanisms. Votiro’s technology comes highly recommended by Gartner: “More organizations will need to add CDR technology to their cybersecurity protection to assist them with today’s ever-rising sandbox evasion techniques.”

Votiro is working with its partners and OEM vendors to incorporate the Advanced CDR technology into secure gateways around the world. They currently have offices in the U.S., Israel, and Singapore and are soon to mark their footprint in Australia. The company took on its first investor last year so they could begin marketing on a large scale and launch their products globally.

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Itay Glick, Co-founder & CEO

Products to protect from zero-day threats using a patented technology that sanitizes content files