Verint Systems [NASDAQ:VRNT]: Cognitive Security Technologies

Verint Systems [NASDAQ:VRNT]: Cognitive Security Technologies

CIO VendorDan Bodner, President & CEO
In the implicit head-to-head against hackers and other cyber activists, organizations of all sizes and across all industries are striving to keep ahead of the curve in order to create a safe working environment and sustain the brand reputation. A security threat may arise in the form of many external and internal agents such as current or former employees, service providers, customers, or organized crime perpetrators. In an effort to provide a wide and comprehensive security coverage that proactively thwarts cyberattacks from happening, Verint Systems [NASDAQ:VRNT] provides visibility and protection across multiple attack surfaces, including networks, end-points, and payloads.

Verint has developed an indigenous security platform, Verint Threat Protection System (TPS) that provides organizations with advanced cyber threat detection, investigation, and remediation at every stage of the attack cycle. As a means of ensuring efficiency, Verint’s Threat Protection System has been designed in a way, so as to safeguard every possible entry point and source of malicious entry, supporting both real-time as well as retrospective and prospective timeframes.

In terms of deployment, Verint Threat Protection System’s open, scalable, and comprehensive architecture allows organizations to identify priorities and inspect further into advanced cyberattacks. “We provide our customers a broad range of deployment models including on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud model—giving them a high degree of flexibility,” explains Dan Bodner, CEO and President, Verint. Once the system is installed, Verint Threat Protection System offers cybersecurity analysts the visibility required to automate process workflows for a more guaranteed approach that responds to cyberattacks.

Concerning automation, the system enables organizations to automate a security attack investigation by sifting through the alerts to segregate only the ones that need scrutiny, minimizing false alarms and labor spent on deciphering them.

We provide our customers a broad range of deployment models including on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud model— giving them a high degree of flexibility

With the help of Verint’s intuitive and content rich user interface, cybersecurity enforcers can easily investigate incidents in a contextualized and streamlined manner, and generate reports.

Verint serves a large global clientele spread across a multitude of industries, including—but not limited to—automotive, financial, government, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. On one ocassion, Tinker Federal Credit Union—an Oklahoma based credit union—faced inefficiency issues with its legacy system. The customer’s video surveillance framework could not optimally handle larger number of surveillance feeds and was producing marginally fewer than what their operating environment required. Upon evaluating around 25 disparate systems, the security team at Tinker Federal opted for Verint’s operation center managing platform for remote surveillance. The intelligent security system significantly boosted the credit union’s security capabilities, replacing the preceding system with Verint’s cutting-edge technology that delivered several hundred of the same images.

To further their proficiency in serving the cybersecurity market, Verint has been making investments in areas of actionable intelligence, especially in security intelligence. “We have a large structural base giving us significant opportunities to land and expand with our growing portfolio,” adds Bodner.

On the subject of geographic growth, Verint has plans to continue investing globally, balancing the mix between Americas and the rest of the world. To keep pace with the evolving cybersecurity needs, Verint, under the strong leadership of Bodner, will be spearheading the move—keeping cyberattackers at check, paving the way for a digitally secure world.